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The prize will be drawn on 12/06/2024 at 19:30


Win a Shark Stain Striker Spot Cleaner 12/06



Say goodbye to grubby, tired-looking carpets thanks to the new Shark Stain Striker Pet Spot Cleaner PX200UKT! This powerful, compact cleaner attacks spills and stains on carpets, rugs, stairs and upholstery with ease, plus it comes with a host of useful tools and two cleaning solutions to work on tough stains and odours. Lightweight and easy to carry around your home, this superb cleaner is just what you need to give your carpets and furnishings a fresh new lease of life.

Power and convenience - a long power cord and a lightweight design mean you can move easily from room to room with this spot cleaner, while the high-pressure spray penetrates deeps into carpet and upholstery fibres, evenly distributing water and cleaning solutions without oversoaking. Plus, Shark’s powerful suction extracts dirt and liquid, allowing your upholstery to dry quickly.

Dual stain and odour removal - the two cleaning solutions that come with the Stain Striker mix together on contact inside the tool to remove stains and odour, and there's no need to pre-treat stains! The CarpetXpert Deep Clean Pro formula removes layers of ground-in dirt and grime, tackling even the toughest odours like smoke and pet urine. While the Oxy Multiplier formula unleashes the power of OXY to lift and extract tough stains.

A tool for every job! It's easy to clean anywhere in your home with the flexible hose and handheld attachments included. The Pet Stain Trapping Tool collects hair, debris and dirty liquid in a separate compartment, while the Wide Tough Stain Tool quickly cleans large areas like stairs, sofas or mattresses. Everyday dirt can be tackled with the Tough Stain Tool and hard-to-reach places are easy to get to with the Integrated Crevice Tool. Plus, there's even a Hose-Cleaning Tool to clean the extendable hose after each use, to ensure your Stain Striker is clean and ready for the next attack!

Power: 220V - 240V

Cable length: 4.6m

Hose length: 1.27m

Operating radius: 5.7m

Clean solution tank: 1.25l

Dirty water tank: 720ml

Weight: 4.2kg

Cleaner (h x w x d): 28.7cm x 29.8cm x 28cm (11.3" x 11.7" x 11")

What's in the box?

Shark Stain Striker Pet Spot Cleaner PX200UKT main unit

1 x Pet Stain Trapping Tool - collects hair, debris and dirty liquid in a separate compartment for ultimate convenience and hygienic emptying, stopping larger debris and solids from entering the hose and main unit

1 x Tough Stain Tool - strike through everyday dirt, spots and stains with this versatile tool with multi-purpose reversible bristles to suit every surface

1 x Wide Tough Stain Tool - quickly clean large areas like stairs, sofas or mattresses with this wide scrubbing tool

1 x Integrated Crevice Tool - perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places such as in-between car seats

1 x Hose Cleaning Tool - easily clean the extendable hose after each use. The hose clips to the unit for tidy, compact storage

1 x Stain Striker Oxy Multiplier Cleaning Solution

1 x CarpetXpert Deep Clean Pro Cleaning Solution

Good Luck

Marc & The Let's Win Boys

Can i play without publicity?

Yes you can, in a world on online bullying and jealous hate comments when players win big prizes, we feel we have a duty to try and protect our players as much as possible, so we introduced user name option, simply add an onscreen user and as long as it’s not Racist or Offensive, that will be your display name on all of our entry lists.

You can have a bit of fun with it, but we do monitor this closely.

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