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Win a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Stellar White Edition


Win a Velvetiser Stellar White Edition

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Product Features

  • Luxury hot chocolate machine
  • Makes deliciously creamy hot chocolate
  • Comes with 2 ceramic cups
  • And Hotel Chocolat drinking chocolate
  • 10 flavour sachets
  • Makes 220ml. 500W
  • Lakeland 3 year guarantee included

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Hot Chocolate System


Dreamed up by Hotel Chocolat, and engineered to the highest standards for them by Dualit®, the copper-coloured Velvetiser is an ultra-chic hot chocolate maker that creates barista-grade hot chocolate drinks at the press of a button. So if you’ve ever wished you could recreate the silky-smooth hot chocolate that you get in specialist cafés at home – or just love hot chocolate and want to enjoy the smoothest, creamiest cup without having to leave the house – The Velvetiser is here to make your chocolate dreams come true.

What’s in the box

  • Velvetiser countertop hot chocolate maker – made by Dualit®, with removable whisk, non-stick coating, simple on/off button, comfortable handle and two easy-pour lips. Like a cordless kettle it has a 360° base.
  • 2 ceramic Podcups – created for Hotel Chocolat by Royal College of Art ceramicist Andrew Wicks, these tactile cups are inspired by the organic, ridged shape of a cacao pod. Designed to be held in the hand, they’re each perfectly sized to hold one Velvetiser serving. Dishwasher safe. 220ml.
  • Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate taster pack – 10 single-serve sachets of real chocolate flakes, each holding the perfect amount to make one Velvetiser serving. There are 10 flavours for you to try: Salted Caramel, Hazelnut Praline, Orange, Mint, Ginger, Chilli, Vanilla-White, Milky 50%, Classic 70% and Dark 85% Suitable for vegetarians.

Silky-smooth hot chocolate at the press of a button

If you’re a devotee of this most tastiest of drinks, you’ll be used to slaving over a hot stove, slowly heating milk and stirring in cocoa powder, watching it like a hawk so it doesn’t boil over, trying to find and remove any non-dissolved clumps… there’s none of that fuss or mess with the Velvetiser. You just plug it in, add your chocolate and your milk (dairy, plant-based or even water, if you prefer), and press the button. In two and a half minutes you’ll have a perfectly blended, silky-smooth hot chocolate, ready to pour into one of the Podcups, or your favourite, just-for-me mug.

Easy to pour, easy to clean

The comfortable handle is easy to hold, the cordless jug lifts off its base so there’s no flex in your way, and there’s an easy-pour spout on each side so you can decant your drink with ease whether you’re right- or left-handed. And the non-stick interior and removable whisk make it easy to clean too – just rinse and wipe.

Drinking chocolate refills

When you’ve tried all the sample sachets, you can use any high-quality drinking chocolate flakes, grate real chocolate into the Velvetiser, or order more of your favourite flavours direct from Hotel Chocolat.

About hot chocolate

Drinking chocolate has been a ‘thing’ since the Mayans and, after the Spanish brought the ‘magical’ ingredient back to Europe, it wasn’t long before cities like London had hundreds of drinking chocolate houses.

About Hotel Chocolat

Founded in 1993 by Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris – two entrepreneurs on a mission to make chocolate exciting again – Hotel Chocolat was an early internet sensational, wowing fans of ‘real’ chocolate with their carefully crafted confectionery-by-post. Their first retail store opened in 2004 and, since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, fuelled by the world’s love for high-quality chocolate. Hotel Chocolat now owns and runs its own cacao farms, cafés, restaurants, a real hotel and has stores worldwide.

About Dualit

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