Win an iPhone 14 Pro or £1000.00 Cash + 20 £50.00 Instant Wins (12/10)

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This competition has ended. Check our Facebook page for the results.

PLEASE NOTE: 'A Player' is a privacy setting in your members area for players that don’t want any publicity. It is not one individual player, we have lots of players that use this setting.

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Win a brand new iPhone 14 Pro (choice of colour or £1000.00 Tax Free Cash

20 Lucky Players will win a Prize Instantly

All you have to do is match your ticket number from the main prize with one of the ticket numbers below and you've won a Cash Prize Instantly..

Give a ring us, send us a message or an email to with your order number and we'll transfer your cash prize to you straight away, you don't have to wait for the main draw to finish.

Match Number 125: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash

Match Number 371: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Simon Dacre

Match Number 566: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash

Match Number 695: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Milo Ward

Match Number 814: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Claire Casey

Match Number 1089: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Katie Del Gaudio

Match Number 1200: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Marc Wheeler

Match Number 1475: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Tommy Collins

Match Number 1624: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash

Match Number 1811: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Diane Harding

Match Number 2054: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Samantha Doran

Match Number 2266: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Ben Webb

Match Number 2517: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash

Match Number 2753: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Samantha Doran

Match Number 2901: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Claire Casey

Match Number 3028: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Karen James

Match Number 3334: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Cirsty Annabel

Match Number 3681: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash

Match Number 3945: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash Karen Pyle

Match Number 4350: Instantly Win £50.00 Cash

iPhone 14 Pro

Powerful processor, stunning cameras, and a gorgeous screen. Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s got it all, and a whole lot more. The A16 Bionic chip is an unstoppable powerhouse that will make quick work of any app. The 6.1″ Super Retina XDR Display now supports Always-On display, so you can see what’s going on at a glance, without touching the phone. And it gets really bright – up to 2000 nits, so you can bask in the sun and read the screen comfortably. The Dynamic Island around the front camera expands and adapts to give you important notifications and controls. The back of the phone belongs to the 48 MP triple camera system. With improved resolution, low light performance and stabilisation, your photos and videos will look better than ever before.

Can i play without publicity?

Yes you can, in a world on online bullying and jealous hate comments when players win big prizes, we feel we have a duty to try and protect our players as much as possible, so we introduced play anonymously, it’s a setting in your members area and once ticked stops your name appearing on the entry lists and winners page, you will instead appear as A Player, your actual name will not be disclosed.

We have a lot of players that take advantage of this very thoughtful privacy setting.

Instant Win Notifications.

When you enter an instant win competition and win an instant win prize, you will receive an onscreen notification and also receive a confirmation email. If you don’t get the onscreen notification, you didn’t get an instant win that time.

There is no limit to the number of instant win prizes you can win per competition, the only limit is the maximum number of available tickets on the competition entered at the time of entry.

All instant win list update automatically when a prize is won, all winners are moved to the bottom of the list, making it much easier to see what instant wins are left.

Website Credit instant wins are automatically added to your Lets Win Account and will appear as vouchers in your checkout area. Just click on voucher and it will automatically apply the discount off your basket total.

How do I get my ticket number?

Once your order has been placed your ticket number(s) will be randomly allocated and will show on your order confirmation. They will also be emailed to you, and will be available in the My Account area.

How is the winner chosen?

The draw is done live on Facebook using a random number generator to determine the winning ticket number. You’ll be contacted directly if you have won.

What happens if the random number generator lands on an upsold ticket number?

Simple, we keep on spinning the number generator until we get a winner. Every competition has a guaranteed winner.

Entry Lists.

All entry list are published on the entry Lists page of the website 30 mins prior to the live draw taking place, draw transparency is really important to us.

Can the draw date change?

If all the entries are sold early, the draw will be brought forward. Keep updated on the confirmed draw date via our website. Draws will not be extended and every draw has a guaranteed winner.